3rd April 2014

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25th April 2012

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Amazon refunded me 19 cents for a Dark Tower Novel :-)

Amazon refunded me 19 cents for a Dark Tower Novel :-)

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24th April 2012

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"Although, when I look back on it…I wonder how much difference there must between the slavery at the mine, and the slavery of the gun. Perhaps one: I’ve always had the sky to look at.

And for that I tell Gan, the Man Jesus, and all the other gods that may be…Thankya.”

— Roland Deschain
The Dark Tower

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24th April 2012

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24th April 2012

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Luck’s the word that those with poor hearts use for Ka.
— Roland Deschain
Old Long, Tall and Ugly
The Line of Eld

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24th April 2012


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24th April 2012

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These are things that happened…once upon a bye.
— Stephen King
The Wind Through The Keyhole

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24th April 2012

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24th April 2012

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Just finished reading The Wind Through The Keyhole, by Stephen King.  You could call it Book 8 of the Dark Tower series, but it’s really Book 4.5, and it’s well worth the time of anyone that’s a fan of the series, or just wants to hear a pair of great stories, one nestled within the other.

Sitting down with characters you’ve loved and missed is like sitting down for dinner with great friends, or like taking a walk with someone you love. 

Sai King, for reminding me the Beam exists and abides, on all levels of the Tower…I say Thankya.

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8th February 2012


boredomfighters said: dood i think i want ur tattoo, its amazing :D

Thanks very much!  I can send you larger images if you’d like to give it to your tattoo artist.